Aims and scope
The purpose of the American Journal of Nursing Science (AJNS) is to provide a mechanism to share knowledge related to improving health care and promoting the development of nursing. The Journal seeks original manuscripts reporting scholarly work on the art and science of nursing. Original articles may be empirical and qualitative studies, review articles, methodological articles, brief reports, case studies and letters to the Editor. All research articles in AJNS will undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by an expert reviewer. The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:
Quality nursing
Nursing ethics and management
Patient education and counseling
Continuing nurse training
Management issues
Health care
Nursing policy
Diagnostics and prescribing
Continuing nurse education
Organizational issues
Nursing education
Collaboration with physicians
Health outcomes
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Manuscript Submission
Online Submission System
Publishing your research article in a Science Publishing Group journal is simple and efficient. Science Publishing Group journals use online submission system:
Manuscript Preparation
Manuscript length should be 6 to 25 pages. Science Publishing Group can exceptionally accept shorter or longer manuscripts, provided that the scientific content is of high value. No additional page charges are required if a manuscript is substantially longer than 25 pages. All submitted manuscripts must include the following items:
Title - Make sure that the title is specific and concise. Titles should be presented in title case - all words except the first word should be in lower case letters.
List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses - Provide the full names and affiliations of all the authors. Affiliations should include department, university or organization, city, and country. One of the authors should be designated as the corresponding author, and their email address needs to be included.
Abstract - The abstract should briefly introduce the manuscript, not exceeding 400 words. No citations should be included in the abstract.
Keywords - At least 3 keywords or phrases should be included and must be separated by commas to distinguish them.
Introduction - The introduction section should provide a context for your manuscript. When preparing the introduction, please bear in mind that some readers will not be experts in your field of research.
Main body - the main body part should include the main proposed ideas, results and discussions.
Conclusions - A conclusion is where you summarize the paper's findings and generalize their importance, discuss ambiguous data, and recommend further research. An effective conclusion should provide closure for a paper, leaving the reader feeling satisfied that the concepts have been fully explained.
Acknowledgments - You as the author are free to decide whether to include acknowledgments or not. Usually, the acknowledgments section includes the names of people who in some way contributed to the work, but do not fit the criteria to be listed as the authors. This section of your manuscript can also include information about funding sources.
References- Science Publishing Group uses the numbered citation method for reference formatting, with sequential numbering in the text, and respective ordering in a list at the end of the paper.
The list should contain at least 15 references and should be arranged in the order of citation in text. List only one reference per reference number. In the text, each reference number should be enclosed by square brackets. Citations of references may be given simply as "in [1] ...", or as "in reference [1] ...". Similarly, it is not necessary to mention the authors of a reference, unless the mention is relevant to the text.
Multiple citations within a single set of brackets should be separated by commas. Where there are three or more sequential citations, they should be given as a range [2, 7-9, 13].
Word Processing Formats
Before submission, please ensure that your articles are in the form of Microsoft word 2000/2003(doc) or Microsoft word 2007/2010(docx). These two forms of the articles are acceptable for all of Science Publishing Group journals in order to typeset the articles into SciencePG's style.
Publication Presentation
After publishing in SciencePG, your article will be presented in the form of PDF and HTML. You can pay attention to SciencePG website to check the Online Version of your article.
Journal Article Workflow
Be familiar with the process of article publishing, then you can know exactly where your article is in the whole publication process, such as Article Reviewed, Article Accepted and Article Published. Check your article status here.
Article Processing Charges
Why do Science Publishing Group Journals have Article Processing Charges?
Traditional journals are solely based on a reader-pays model, in which institutional libraries typically pay for the access to content. However, all journals published by Science Publishing Group are full open access. The scientific community and general public can access all articles published in the journal for free.
This means that Science Publishing Group does not gain any income through selling subscriptions of the printed or online versions of the published articles. Therefore, by collecting Article Processing Charges from authors' institutes or research funding bodies, Science Publishing Group is able to cover the various publishing services:
●  Editorial work: peer review, administrative support, commissioning content, journal development.
●  Technical infrastructure and innovation: development, maintenance and operation of online journal system and websites.
●  Production of articles: formatting and mark-up of articles and inclusion in indexing services.
●  Marketing of journal and content: making sure readers and authors know about the work published in the title.
●  Customer service: responding to authors and readers.
How Much Does Science Publishing Group Charge for Its Different Journals?
American Journal of Nursing Science is an Open Access journal accessible for free on the Internet. With Open Access, Science Publishing Group (SciencePG) allows us to distribute knowledge more widely and at a lower cost than was previously possible. However, to cover the editorial services and production of an article, the journal depends on Article Processing Charges (APC).

The Article Processing Charge for the journal is 970 USD.

Journal Title Article Processing Charge
American Journal of Nursing Science 970 USD

Article Processing Charge discounts or waivers are given to authors from low-income countries or lower-middle-income countries (classified by the world bank; To learn more, click:
For more details, please contact the editor directly once the manuscript is accepted.

Who is Responsible for Paying the Article Processing Charges?
Upon an article is editorially accepted, the corresponding author will be notified about the payment issue, which is charged to either the author, or the funder, institution or employer.
When and How do Authors Pay?
The corresponding author needs to arrange payment of the Article Processing Charges unless a waiver has been granted. Following peer review, once a manuscript has received editorial acceptance in principle, the Article Processing Charges becomes payable and the formatting checks on the manuscript will commence. Once formatting checks are completed, and payment of the Article Processing Charges has been received, the article will be published.
Science Publishing Group currently supports the following payment methods:
●  Payment through PayPal
●  Pay with Debit or Credit Card
●  Wire Transfer in US Dollars (USD)
●  Western Union in US Dollars (USD)
We recommend you use our PayPal Secure Payment system:
Are Reprints of the Article Included in the Article Processing Charges?
No. Article Processing Charges do not entitle the authors to receive reprints of their published article. Reprints can be ordered separately and optionally for any article that has been published in a Science Publishing Group journal. To request an offer for reprints of an article, please send an e-mail to
Publication Ethics Statement
For all parties involved in the process of publishing (authors, Editorial Board, and reviewers), it is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior. To guarantee high ethical standards, Science Publishing Group has developed international standards for all the parties. Science Publishing Group expects all the parties to commit to these standards.
International Standards for Authors:
Science Publishing Group does not require all authors of a research paper to sign a letter of submission, nor does it impose an order on the list of authors. All authors who submit to Science Publishing Group are supposed to observe the international standards for authors voluntarily.
●  Authors must certify that their manuscripts are their original work. Plagiarism, Duplicate, Data Fabrication and Falsification, and Redundant Publications are forbidden.
●  Authors must certify that the manuscript has not previously been published and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.
●  If the authors have used the work and/or words of others, the authors must ensure that the work and/or words of others are appropriately cited or quoted and identify all sources used in the creation of their manuscripts.
●  When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author's obligation to promptly notify the Journal editor or publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or correct the paper.
●  Authors must notify Science Publishing Group of any conflicts of interest.
International Standards for Editorial Board:
Editors and Editorial Board are required to follow the international standards for Editorial Board:
●  The Editorial Board must keep information pertaining to all submitted manuscripts confidential.
●  The Editorial Board is responsible for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts.
●  The Editorial Board must strive to meet the needs of readers and authors.
●  The Editorial Board must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.
●  The Editorial Board must strive to constantly improve their journals.
●  The Editorial Board must maintain the integrity of the academic record.
●  The Editorial Board must disclose any conflicts of interest and preclude business needs from compromising intellectual and ethical standards.
●  The Editorial Board must always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.
International Standards for Reviewers:
Reviewers of Science Publishing Group are also expected to meet the international standards for reviewers when they accept review invitations.
●  Reviewers must keep information pertaining to the manuscript confidential.
●  Reviewers must bring to the attention of the Editor Board any information that may be a reason to reject publication of a manuscript.
●  Reviewers must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.
●  Reviewers must objectively evaluate the manuscripts based only on their originality, significance and relevance to the domains of the journal.
●  Reviewers must notify Science Publishing Group of any conflicts of interest.
Open Access Statement
Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. OA is also increasingly being provided to theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters. • By making information freely available in this way, Open Access accelerates research and learning. • By reducing the barriers that restrict access to knowledge, Open Access maximizes the opportunity for publications to be read and for authors to be recognized for their contribution in their chosen field and beyond.
SciencePG Support Center Email Addresses
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Telephone: (001)347-983-5186
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