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Volume 8 , Issue 4 , August 2019 , Pages: 181 - 190
Educational Intervention on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Breast Cancer Self Examination
Bothyna Zakaria Murshid, Medical Surgical Nursing Department, College of Nursing, King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Received: May 20, 2019;       Accepted: Jun. 25, 2019;       Published: Jul. 9, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.ajns.20190804.20        View        Downloads  
The aim of the study is to assess the effect of the educational intervention regarding breast cancer among high school students. A quasi-experimental pre and posttest design were utilized to fulfill the aim of this study. This study was conducted in the classrooms of the selected female high private and governmental schools. Riyadh, Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. The school was selected by simple random sampling technique and sampling units were selected consecutively. The study was conducted on 400 high school female students in in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A questionnaire to assess student' knowledge and attitude regarding breast cancer was developed to elicit student's information which include Data were collected from November to December 2017. Students total knowledge level of breast cancer was increased after posttest. They had a remarkable improvement in understanding of the disease which was verified with statistical significance difference than in the pretest. The educational intervention was good enough to improve student’s knowledge, understanding and attitude regarding breast cancer. Educational programs are required to be implemented that utilize social and cultural factors are crucial for social awareness including such critical topics in the high school curriculum.
Educational Intervention, Knowledge and Attitude, Breast Cancer, Breast Self-Examination, High School Students
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Bothyna Zakaria Murshid, Educational Intervention on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Breast Cancer Self Examination, American Journal of Nursing Science. Vol. 8, No. 4, 2019, pp. 181-190. doi: 10.11648/j.ajns.20190804.20
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